Happy Blogging Birthday

A year ago today, I started this blog!

As the title suggests, the intention was to record how my career after the Beeb panned out.  I think I imagined that a year on I would have a regular job by now, though no idea what sort of job that would be.  That has not been the case but I have had a fantastic twelve months and just can’t believe it has gone so quickly.

In that time, on this blog, I have written about

–        my boobs

–        my history with the BBC

–        my leaving gifts

–        my leaving party

–        my various observations on lifw

–        my family history

–        the whole business of getting old (several times!)

–        the benefits of vitamin D (and I still haven’t had a chest infections since I started taking it, so it really is a miracle drug, as far as I’m concerned)

–        the highlights of 2013

and in addition, I find I’m a sucker for a questionnaire, and have answered quite a few!

The most viewed post was my tribute to the late Alison Ford and that seems fitting for such a wonderful woman who I still remember fondly and still can’t quite believe has gone

From time to time I have caught my husband reading the blog, rolling his eyes as he does so but then, when he lets out a little chuckle, I feel almost triumphant.

The children insist they don’t read it but then my daughter gives herself away by berating me for making it so “TMI” (Too Much Information….apparently)!!  She is horrified that I have written about my underwear and hinted at (shock, horror) a still physical relationship with her father….she’s such a prude!

My son has no worries about such things but was very put out when one of his friends burst into his room at uni early on a Saturday morning after discovering the blog.  She made him stay awake while she read out several posts.  Obviously, I loved hearing that.  Him, not so much….

So in terms of what I have actually been doing in the last twelve months in terms of work, there has been plenty of acting, writing and yes, as many people predicted…..I have returned to BBC News on a freelance basis. And I have to admit it’s great and certainly got the adrenaline rushing again in a way that nothing else manages to do.

In terms of the blog, my posts have been a little sporadic but I’ve had fun writing them. I’ve no intention of stopping yet and look forward to penning lots more.

Thanks to all who have followed and left comments, texts or emails.  I love the different messages – it really is special.  And I also love reading the blogs that I have discovered as a result, and the special community that I seem to have become a part of.

Here’s to the next twelve months, although please, can this year be just a bit slower….