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Fifty for Fifty

I have nicked this from one of my favourite bloggers, Ian at http://mrwriteon.wordpress.com   I have said before on this blog that I love the way he writes.  I find I am drawn to good writers like I am to actors.  I constantly fall for them and find them very sexy for no other reason than they are talented in a way I would like to be.  Anyway, enough of that, go visit him – he’s great ! 

A little while ago, he posted fifty questions to answer and so I thought I would brazenly steal them and then save them for the right occasion.  And given that today is my fiftieth birthday, what better time to use them….

1. Does anyone know your passwords beside yourself? No – and I barely know them myself as I keep forgetting them but refuse to write them down anywhere

2. What was the last thing you ordered at McDonalds? I really don’t like McDonalds or any other fast food outlet as the food always looks and tastes so plastic.  Apart, that is, from a good old KFC bucket which is sinful and disgusting but I just can’t ever resist

3. Are you an emotional person? Yes, especially at the moment.  Can’t decide whether I’m happy or sad about being 50.  Laughing hysterically about nothing one minute and then sobbing uncontrollably the next.  Pathetic!

4. Do you like your middle name? I haven’t got one!

5. Do you believe in love at first sight? I suppose so.  Although really, it’s actually more an instant attraction as isn’t real love what develops as your relationship goes from strength to strength?

6. Does the person you like, know that you like them? I’m 50, not 15 !

7. What was the last thing you did? Woke up and wondered how I was going to get through today and decided to start by filling this in!

8. Wherefore art thou, number 8? What does that even mean??

9. Who was the last person you ate with? Well the husband just bought me up some coffee and toast, with a rose for my birthday, but he didn’t stay to eat with me as he could see I was writing.  Think he thought I was doing something worthy, like the new script that I’m supposed to be working on!

10. What song are you listening to right now? No music, just the dulcet tones of Bill and Louise on BBC1’s “BreakfasT”

11. How’s the weather right now?  Don’t know – it’s still darK!

12. Last person who called you? Mastercard – to find out if I am ever going to pay my bill !!

13. Last lie you told? That I’m not bothered about turning fifty

14. Last song you sang? “Crazy” at a birthday karaoke evening, just last night

15. Do you love anyone? My family…..when they’re not getting on my nerves

16. Lost a friendship over something stupid? I don’t think so

17. Last thing you drank? That coffee the husband just brought up

18. Last thing you ate? That hot buttered toast the husband just brought up

19. Where do you wish you were? Somewhere, anywhere, in Italy

20. Faked being sick to miss school? Never!  As an only child, I loved school because it was just one big social club for me

21. What time did you wake up today? Far too early, after a night of tossing and turning and angsting unnecessarily about reaching half a century

22. Last person you talked to in person? Husband

23. Last person who made you laugh? Husband (He said I may be fifty but I was “still bloody damn sexy, man” – he doesn’t normally swear and that, along with the use of the word “man” is what made me laugh!)

24. What are you wearing right now? Still in bed, so just husband’s t-shirt

25. What’s the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? In order: eyes, hair, teeth, height, breadth, shoes.  Same as a horse, I suppose

26. S’posed to do something with 26. Oh!  Well…when I was 26, I got married

27. Where are you right now?  Like I said, still in bed!

28. What day and date is it? It’s Tues 4th Feb – MY BIRTHDAY !!!

29. Did you go anywhere today? No, I’m STILL IN BED. Jeez….

30. What did you do there? In bed?  Use your imagination.  It is a birthday after all…..

31. What else are you doing today? Not sure yet.  I think the family have a plan!

32. Are you watching TV? Yep!

33. Are you mature or immature? I aspire to be mature but my children say it is very immature that I start giggling whenever I hear rude words that end in -ck

34. Who are you closer to, your mum or your dad? Well, my dad is dead now so by default that leaves my mum

35. Thirty-five. That’s how old I was when my dad died

36. What school(s) did you go to?  An infant, then junior, then high school

37. What’s the most annoying thing people say to you? “So, what are you up to now – still no job?”

38. Do you like music? Yes, I love it but my taste in music is quite wide and not at all cool.  In fact, I’m slightly embarrassed by my playlist!!

39. Did you want to get married? Yes – I drew the wedding dress I wanted when I was six!

40. What does the number 40 evoke? I really enjoyed hitting 40 but once I got to 41, I was SO over it !

41. Where did you go on vacation last year? Actually we didn’t go away together on a big family holiday. With exams, work and projects over, the whole family had time off from early June and we had a massive staycation rediscovering our fabulous city of London which is always glorious in the summer.  We went on days out and trips to the theatre and generally had a great time getting to know each other again.  It was lovely!

42. Would you bungee jump? Don’t be stupid!

43. Do you like rollercoasters? No!  But I get dragged along to a theme park every few months by the family where I try to put on a brave face.  I have low blood pressure though and so once I’ve been on the first big ride, I spend the rest of the day in a daze, not really knowing where I am or what I’m doing!

44. Is there anything you wish for every summer? Hot sunny weather with plenty of time to go off on picnics and days out

45. Do you use chopsticks? You see, I think chopsticks are a brilliant weight loss gadget.  I am so rubbish at using them that it takes me ages to finish everything and so I eat far less ! But I’m too proud to ask for a fork…

46. What’s your favorite meal of the day? Every meal…

47. Thinking of someone right now? No, only me!

48. Concerned about life right now?  I have to admit it all feels a bit grim.  Suddenly, I have an overwhelming feeling that I’m going though a major life event with some big worries and some very petty ones but I constantly feel I have to keep them all to myself and hold it together when really all I actually want to do is scream very loudly!  Well, you did ask…..

49. Have you ever tripped going up the stairs? It happened as I was coming up from the Underground yesterday.  Mortifying, but I pretended nothing had happened

50. How do you feel about the coming of fall?  Fall??  Do you mean Autumn, or the Fall of Man because that’s far too philosophical to go into here.  And Autumn is months away.  I have written on this blog about how it is my favourite season, but once the rest of this awful month is over, we have gorgeous Spring and then the long lazy days of Summer to get through before then.

So, in spite of everything, I’m actually looking forward to this year.  It should be fun!


8 thoughts on “Fifty for Fifty

  1. Bon anniversaire Rekha! 50? Been there, done that, got the (slightly bigger) T-shirt. Enjoy your day. And remember how lucky we all are to be living where we do. If I ever get the blues I say Afghanistan or Iraq or Somalia to myself. I soon snap out of it!

  2. Fabulous list! You know, in my twenties I looked way younger than I was, so when I was 26, I went out with friends (whom the workers must have assumed to be older siblings?) and they gave me children’s chopsticks. They’re awesome! FYI.

    As for the big milestone, sometimes you must have a moment–scream in a pillow if you must (so as not to alarm anyone), cry in a bathtub of bubbles, eat your weight in chocolate, whatever. But once you’re over that I’m fairly certain it will be splendid. Truly, I’m excited to see what this decade will bring . . .

  3. Happy birthday, dear, and the best is yet to come, or so they say. Carpe diem. Meanwhile, thank you so much for the flattering comments you make at the beginning and I shall try to live up to your expectations and be as sexy as I can. By the way, in similar context you do the same for me. So there.

  4. just like a horse…ha….nice….happy birthday…age is just a number you know….smiles…its cool you sleep in your hubs shirt as well…haha on the bungee jump answer as well…smiles.

  5. Belated happy birthday! This is very interesting to read. I completely feel the same way about KFC and after a while I do get cramps using chopsticks. 🙂

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