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Did You Know

From time to time, I like to do these question things!  They are a good way of focusing the mind but most of all, it’s something to post when you can’t think of a single other thing to write about or, when you are putting off more important things……like making a start on organising Christmas !

First memory?

When I was little and my parents were out at work, I was looked after by a lovely lady who took me on when I was less than a year old. She had a little dog called Bingey and apparently we were inseparable.  He used to follow me around and there are some gorgeous black and white photos of the two of us together. I think my first memory is of falling over in the back garden as a toddler and starting to cry, and him then barking to get attention.  Oh, he was adorable.

Cat or dog person?

Because of Bingey I started off as a dog person but when I was a teenager, a very haughty ginger cat decided to adopt us. He just stalked in to the house one day and stayed.  He actually belonged to the family next door-but-one and they didn’t seem to mind.  Surprisingly my mother let him stay with us, even though she has always disliked the idea of household pets, and she became more attached to him than any of us.  I think she liked the fact that he was so rude.  (I would suggest that she saw something of herself in him but she reads this and will give me a seriously hard time if I suggest any such a thing!) Anyway, he came and went as he pleased, gave affection if he so chose and seemed to get pissed off and impatient very quickly and for no real reason. He was a complete pain in the arse….and I loved him to bits. He stopped coming so much once I got married, and then completely disappeared once the children arrived and started bothering him.  He was far too superior to have to deal with them!

Best friend?

It really upsets me but I don’t have one. I just can’t seem to allow myself to get that close to any one person and so I surround myself with lots of people, some of whom I genuinely adore. I suppose my husband is my closest friend and the only one I really talk to, in any depth.  But when he gets on my nerves….nope, there’s no one I would choose to tell

Best trait?

I think people are drawn to me because I am a good listener and I genuinely care about the people I like. I think I give good advice too – probably because I’m a really old bird now who has picked up a bit of wisdom along the way!  It may just be that I have a loud laugh though, which people seem to love to hear when they have made a pathetic joke!!

Worst trait?

Probably that loud laugh! And a seriously bad temper – which hardly any one outside of my poor family has witnessed

Religious faith?

I have a deep Christian faith but I find that whenever it comes up, people often want to question me or tell me I’m wrong and I’m not clever enough to argue the point.  So annoyingly, I don’t talk about it much, apart from in Church where I have often lead the services.  I should though, as a message of love and forgiveness really can’t be such a bad thing to follow, even though I struggle with it every day!

Beauty routine?

I’m a bit lax really. I don’t cleanse, tone and moisturise as often as I should and certainly not with expensive products.  It’s easier just to wash my face with soap and water and then slap on loads of gloopy face cream. I don’t wear any make up during the day at the moment but I put lots on when I go out and I like that it makes me feel dramatically different!

What clothing makes you feel good?

Anything that makes me think I look good …..and I love it if I find something old that suddenly fits again!!  Though that hasn’t happened in a long time!

Signature look?

Nowadays, it’s usually just jeans or leggings with some shapeless old top that’s nice and comfy.

Cameron, Clegg or Milliband?

Give me strength! They all cause my blood pressure to rise pretending to be so different when none of them actually care.  Why isn’t there any other choice??

Biggest regret?

There are loads but I learnt long ago that there is no point dwelling on them. The most successful people seem to be the ones who turn around their mistakes and refuse to wish their life was any different.

Last got drunk?

No, no – I don’t do that sort of thing anymore…….!!

High maintenance?

Uhmm…… have you not read this blog?? Of course I am – BIG TIME!!!

Backpacker or designer suitcases?

Well, I can’t be bothered with designer anything but I’m definitely not a backpacker – if it hasn’t got ensuite facilities and fluffy towels, I’m really not interested!!

City or country living?

I couldn’t live anywhere where there are no street lights!

Phone or text?

I have a bit of a phone phobia at home.  At work, it was never a problem but I realise now that I try to avoid talking into a mobile at all costs. I think it’s because I seem unable to do that quietly, and still shout ….in that Dom Joly fashion!  Much prefer texting

Won the lottery what would you do?

I fantasise about this all the time. Pay off debts, make sure my children have what they need, give up looking for a job and find a worthy charity who could benefit from my experience and some of my new found fortune!

I don’t play though so I’m not quite sure how that will happen …….



7 thoughts on “Did You Know

  1. loved reading your ‘Did you Know’ list.. and especially this “There are loads but I learnt long ago that there is no point dwelling on them. The most successful people seem to be the ones who turn around their mistakes and refuse to wish their life was any different.”.. me too… no point in dwelling at all…. but we live, learn and grow.. Oh and you don’t know what you are missing in the night sky without street lights!…. although I admit its been too many years now since my teens since I last lived in a place with none…

    Thank you so much for your wonderful visit and compliment you paid me… Much love and enjoy your week.. And I am all for comfort and fluffy towels if I go on holiday 🙂 Even though I enjoy nature I enjoy Good Food, and a comfy bed and being waited upon now and again 😀 xxxx

  2. I am with you on the whole makeup routine – less is more (for me). It was fun learning more about you. Hopefully the holiday planning is going swimmingly

  3. Well, we can tick the no street lights box…..yep, youire missing the experience of tramping up the roadside in torchlight wondering about the wisdom of those eco-friendly wind-up torches. With you though on the make-up, leggings and lottery (you just have to find a misplaced winning ticket) and nice too to see that you have been owned too by a superior cat!

  4. Oh, I love it! And I’m with you on holidays . . . when friends even mention backpacking and staying in (gulp!) hostels, I break out in hives and sport a nervous tick.

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