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To Autumn

Ah Autumn!  It’s definitely my favourite season.  It used to be a toss up between Spring and Autumn but I have come to realise that Autumn wins hands down.  

I love it. 

I cannot help but think of John Keats most Autumns when I wake up to misty mornings. It was “To Autumn” that turned me into a Keats fan just when I was beginning to hate the man and his dreaded Odes!  But that single piece of work resonated with me so deeply and reflected so magically how much I love this season, that it suddenly helped me to understand the rest of his work and realise just how beautiful it is.

Because Autumn is truly wonderful.

I love the changing colours of the season.  All those fiery reds, rusts, yellows and browns are just beautiful to behold.  I used to love driving along the M40 to visit my daughter in Oxford in Autumn as the trees on the way there always seem particularly gorgeous.  The M3 is pretty stunning too!

And I love the slight chill in the air that makes it cold but not quite cold enough for a full-on winter coat and so sweaters come into play…..with fluffy scarves.  There’s something so comforting about wearing warm clothes when you are out, and after the humiliation of summer when those light t-shirts and tops exposed my fat arms and rolls of belly fat, it’s much more flattering for me to hide under those lovely extra layers.

And I love how safe and comforting it feels sitting inside a warm house with my hands wrapped around a steaming mug of tea while looking out of the window as the wind and rain throw everything around. 

I do fight against putting the heating on though.  It’s definitely not allowed on until October and even then only if it is unbearably cold. But once it’s on…. I love it.  There’s nothing more luxurious than being toasty and warm as you snuggle up on the sofa to read a book or watch TV.

And there’s suddenly so much more to watch on TV as brand new dramas get an airing and favourites like Homeland return – not to mention Strictly and XFactor which seem to define weekend telly in the Autumn.

One thing I don’t like about Autumn though is Halloween and I was a horrible mum as I rarely let my children go out trick and treating.  It didn’t even exist when I was a child and it seems to go against British manners.  I was raised never to ask and to always wait to be offered, so the idea of children (especially those out alone without any accompanying adults) demanding sweets with menaces upsets me a lot!  Saying that, I have just bought a tin of chocolates to appease the little blighters that will come calling on the 31st, just so they don’t scratch my car.

And as soon as it starts to get cold, my skin suffers.  The colder weather outside and the harsh central heating inside don’t do my poor face any favours and I have to slather on lots of Nivea at least twice a day to stop it drying out and showing up the wrinkles !  As for my legs, they go from lovely and shiny in  the summer heat to hideously cracked as soon as the first chill appears.  So unattractive….

Which means I have to start wearing tights.  I hate tights.  I mean I really HATE them.  In all these years, I haven’t mastered the art of getting them on without laddering them and then when they are on, they are so uncomfortable.  I try to avoid wearing them for as long as possible but by mid-October, my legs need protecting from the cold to stop the crocodile skin developing! Hold-ups are marginally better I suppose, but sometimes they refuse to stay up and I’ll often have one that keeps sliding down my leg, making me look like some dotty old lady with wrinkled ankles! The whole business is such a hassle. 

And of course, Autum wouldn’t be the same for me without a runny nose and a sore throat that heralds the start of a series of colds throughout the winter.  Though now that I am taking my Vitamin D, I have high hopes that this year won’t be so bad. 

There can be no greater autumnal pleasures than kicking leaves or crunching them underfoot.  It brings out the child in me.  Although saying that, I remember walking back alone from a piano lesson when I was about nine. It was only about 5.30 in the evening but it was dark and I was walking in the gutter kicking all the leaves when my foot suddenly hit something soft and I realised I had kicked a dead cat.  I ran home crying and even now I refuse to kick leaves in the dark.  

Kicking leaves might bring out the child in me but clearing them brings out the grumpiest of old ladies in me.  It’s a job I hate.  It feels so pointless doing it regularly while the leaves are actually falling as you are trying to gather them up. But if you leave it until the trees are empty, it’s a back killer.  I’m going to try and get out of it this year.  Thinking about it, the daughter is back home now. I’ll have to find some way of tricking…I mean persuading…her into doing it!

Food may help with that.  Like me, she’s enjoying all those soups, stews, pies, custards….and anything containing apples that are making a welcome comeback.  After all those salads and light meals in the Summer, it’s lovely to have all that comfort food back again.  But it’s all so fattening and the weight has already started to pile on…..

Getting into bed is such a pleasure in the Autumn.  It’s one of my favourite places to be once the heating clicks off for the night and how appropriate that the clocks should go back an hour giving us that glorious extra hour under the duvet at the end of October.

I just love it all.  There is only one word that sums up Autumn for me and that is….COZY.

But I guess, Mr Keats has a few better words:

Where are the songs of Spring? Ay, where are they?                                                               Think not of them, thou hast thy music too

Oh yes Autumn, you so do….. and I’m singing along at the top of my voice ! 


12 thoughts on “To Autumn

  1. I think I feel very similarly to the way you do about fall/winter. I haven’t turned on the heat yet but haven’t really had an excuse to. But my hands and feet are always so cold in the winter time and I have the same skin issues as you do. This winter, I’m resolving to find a skin care regimen that actually works – so at least that’s one thing not to worry about in the winter time here

  2. Ah, autumn is my favorite as well . . . for all the reasons you mention. Even the musty scent that escapes the heating vents when the heat is turned on for the first time of the season makes me giddy . . . it signals all the goodness yet to come.

  3. cozy is a great word…i love autmn as well….when we were having soup on sunday i asked if we could sit on the porch in the crisp air while we ate…ha….just to feel the steam off the cup….

  4. I love Keats and I love spring and I love autumn leaves, but I do not love autumn. I don’t like it because it’s followed by winter and I detest winter. Oh, and like you, detest Halloween. And since I don’t wear tights (not that I’d admit to), I don’t share that particular grievance with you. Mainly I like wearing shorts and flip-flops and I am missing summer horribly.

  5. Love autumn too, but defintely with the heating on (and we have just fired up the log burner too). Pedicures are the my answer to the winter feet/tights issue. Sadly, showing my age, but also discovered Rohan leggings (base layer, I believe they call it, but has an uncanny resemblance to long johns).

  6. Oops, I screwed up that last comment. To continue: winter comes after autumn and I don’t like the cold weather. I LOVE summer days in shorts and T-shirts. Also, my huge cherry tree in my backyard will soon start shedding its abundant leaves – and I’m the poor sod who has to sweep them up!

  7. I love this post so much! 🙂 Can’t even tell you! Fall is my favorite season! I love wearing warm clothes, I am a huge fan of boots and scarves and sweaters! I do like Halloween, I guess it is because I celebrated my first Halloween two years ago and never had anything like that before. So I get excited like a little child. 🙂

  8. I love autumn more than spring for a different reason.Here there is always a lot of wind and rain in Spring. Autumn is usually soft windless and still warm
    We’re going up to summer now which means here holiday and Christmas with family and friends coming over yeeh

  9. I find it hard to adjust to autumn after the lovely sunshine (hopefully!) and long days of summer, but once I have accepted it I love the colours that it brings but I have to say that’s its only saving grace. I don’t like the short days, I don’t like my dry hands, I don’t like wearing tights, I don’t like the leaves that fall in the garden, I don’t like the wet and windy weather… I could go on! 🙂

  10. I love the Autumn too, nothing nicer than curling up snug as a bug warm while the wind blows outside.. I do hope you escaped the mighty wind of Jude the other day…
    Lovely read, and I am please I am not the only one Nivea is friends with 🙂

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