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Time Flies When……..

Hmmm, once again, it’s been a while since I posted anything here.  But I’ve been busy!   VERY BUSY!!

Even so, I don’t really know where September went.  It’s frightening when time passes so fast and you can’t really account for how you’ve spent it.

Thinking about it though….

– there has been some socialising as I’m still catching up with friends I haven’t seen for years, and lunches and evenings out take time!

– I helped organise a book fair for the Talking Newspapers charity that I am involved with

– I’ve been planning and buying a new luxury bathroom together with a separate shower room for the house.  We’re waiting for delivery now and installation will hopefully take place at the start of next month.  It would have been this month but I allowed myself to be talked into a new boiler by a very charming young salesman and that will be fitted in a couple of weeks but it means that we are going to have re-organise our kitchen as a result.  More work…..

– I’ve led a couple of Church services and am organising two more for later in the year.  I will have to write more about that some time soon as when I left the Beeb, I did seriously consider becoming a Methodist minister!   I know that may come as a surprise to many, as those who know me will know that I enjoy drinking, flirting and have been known to swear like a trouper but that doesn’t change the fact that I have a deep faith.  Too much about that to write here, but I’ll make a note that it’s a post for a future date….

– I’ve been teaching English to an amazing young Romanian girl who is so eager to learn that it has been an absolute pleasure and has made me consider whether that’s a possible career option

– I haven’t been writing much but I have been doing some acting.  For a start, it looks as if I’ll be doing panto again this year (oh, yes I am!) so I’ve started familiarising myself with the script.  OK, it’s not Shakespeare but I’m sure I can persuade myself that Dick Whittington has similarities to say, The Merchant of Venice !!!  I’ve also been involved with a couple of immersive theatre/art installations which I absolutely loved and am booked to do some more again this month.  And I’ve managed to get myself some medical role-play work which I have really enjoyed and plan to do more of that sort of thing in the future, along with some facilitation!

– I planned and organised a huge do for my Mum’s 70th birthday. I guess that’s what took most of my time as I really wanted it to be a success for her. The whole family had to pull together on the day to make it all happen including my daughter’s lovely boyfriend who worked so hard.  Bless him! He must have slept for a week once that was over. I know for a fact it nearly killed me !!!

– The other thing that took lots out of me, physically and emotionally has been helping my son get ready for his new university life.  We took him all the way up to Liverpool last week, really early on the day after my Mum’s big do when we were all so tired that we barely knew what we were doing.  It was only when we got home that I realised my little boy has gone now, and I have spent this last week in a state of grief, calling him every few minutes and then having a stress attack when he doesn’t answer !!

I think I’ve sorted myself out now.  Enough to get on with life again and back into some sort of a routine.  Hopefully, I can keep better track of time now and it won’t be so long before I’m writing here again !


7 thoughts on “Time Flies When……..

  1. The home always feels so empty when they have gone, and know that feeling of keeping in touch,.. My son didn’t leave home until he was into his 30’s and left to move in their new home with his partner,
    We had wanted that moment to arrive for so long, thinking we had got him for ‘life’ LOL, but when he went after only a few days I was wanting to visit him… Hubby said in his usual matter of fact voice.. “Sue We have had him for 33 yrs, his partner has had him for 3 days, I should let her have him a bit longer before the Mother-in-law pops in.”. I had to see his point! LOL Its hard, but all turns out ok as they fledge the nest..

    Sounds like you have been a busy bee…. And love the theatre, and panto’s always leave those lasting memories, 🙂
    Hoping to see you around and blogging more…. And thank you for dropping in at Dreamwalker’s
    Sue xoxox

  2. You know, just because you’re no longer with the BBC doesn’t mean you have to be lazy! 🙂 Seriously though, no wonder September flew . . . but it sounds like you’re having all manner of grand adventures (except maybe for saying goodbye to your little boy–good and bad, all rolled into one, that).

    Speaking of wanting to be a minister, that thought crossed my mind as well. As a matter of fact, I went to school to become a minister, right out of college. Didn’t work out as I had imagined, but I met some great people. Also, my current pastor is a magician. So, there’s that.

  3. Time flies when you’re super busy, right? Sounds like you have lots going on, so there’s no need to apologize. I feel like the same thing has been happening to me lately. Sometimes you just get busy!

  4. oh indeed very very busy but it sounds also very exciting. So nice to organise for your mum’s 70’th birthday. I know all about children leaving you. We still will have one home for a while but I do miss my daughter who lives in another city to study.
    I am a teacher in my heart and can see how much fun it is to teach english. I would enjoy doing that as well and organising a bookfair sounds fun as well. Keep up the good work

  5. nice…the acting sounds like fun….pretty cool on mom turning 70 as well….hey that should def reflect well on your dau’s boyfriend too….you def want one willing to work…smiles.
    ha, i was a pastor once so i understand…smiles..

  6. It sounds like you’ve had a really busy time (good to take stock, as otherwise it can seem like the days fly by without having achieved anything…or maybe that’s just me). And so many interesting options, thinking abut ESOL myself..and your comments have triggered me into following up on that. Am sure the boiler will be a good investment over the long term and if you’re having work done it’s always a good time. Hope you have some R & R planned in the run up to Christmas!

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