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Talking About Myself

I was going to nick something from one of my favourite bloggers at http://mrwriteon.wordpress.com  He doesn’t know this but I used to read his blog long before I started writing my own.  Go visit him – he’s great !

I’ve decided to save his idea for another time though.  Trouble is, I’m still too busy enjoying the summer to focus on interesting blog posts or even, and probably more importantly, new career developments. So, I’ve gone for something similar but not quite so long!

Who were you named after?

It’s a tradition in our family that the first-born is named after the father’s parent.  So, I should have been called Mary after my grandmother but my mother, being the rebel that she is, decided that wasn’t exotic enough.  She gave my grandmother the honour of picking my name though, and she chose the name of an actress she rather liked.

Do you like your handwriting?

It depends on the pen which is why I always like to use a good one.  I can’t be doing with a scratchy biro !

If you were another person, would you be friends with you?

Of course! I may, at first, be a bit wary of how loud I can be – especially my laugh – but I’m great fun and a good confidante and am genuinely interested in other people. And I’m very modest about what a lovely person I am…

Do you still have your tonsils?

No! They were whipped out when I was just five! Imagine that! I don’t think they do that to children so young these days, and a good thing too as I’m still traumatised by the memories.  No one believes me but I still maintain I woke up in the operating theatre and even now, I still have nightmares about the gas mask going over my face.

What is your favourite cereal?

I don’t really do breakfast unless it’s a weekend when the husband does his big fry-up. If I had to choose, I would say Crunchy Nut Cornflakes

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

Hell, no !

What colour knickers and shoes are you wearing?
You see, this is the reason my husband doesn’t really like reading my blog as he says I give out far too much unnecessary information.  When I say it’s funny, he just shakes his head sadly and says it really isn’t.  Anyway, back to this question….. I always wear matching bras and knickers because even though no one will ever see them, it makes me feel quite confident that should I have an accident, the medical staff would think, in the midst of all the blood and gore, that actually I’m quite a classy lady!  And I’m not wearing any shoes as I’m in my house and I’m always barefoot in the house – apart from in the midst of winter when I wear socks, or pink fluffy slippers.

What was the last thing you ate?

I haven’t eaten yet – see favourite cereal answer above.   So last thing I had yesterday was one of the early crop of pears that my friend brought round from her garden.  Oh, apart from a piece of cake this morning.   Oh, and a peking duck spring roll, just now!!

Favourite sport to watch

It used to be tennis.  In fact, there was a time, before I had a family, when I used to take two weeks off just to watch and visit Wimbledon. However, increasingly, I’ve noticed that it’s more fun watching any big football match with a group of people who shout as loudly as I do !!  My son hates to admit it but he loves watching football with me…

Do you wear contacts?

No. I had to start wearing glasses a few years ago but I am too vain to wear them if I can avoid it, and I’m too squeamish to try contacts.  Just watching my daughter putting her lenses in, makes me feel physically sick!

Last movie you watched

Finally got round to watching Les Misérables with the family on Sunday.  I loved it.  I thought the Hollywood cast would ruin it but Russell Crowe’s voice was surprisingly lovely and of course, I was in floods of tears by the end.  Not for long though as I went off to the piano with the boy and he played while I sang all the songs – much to daughter and husband’s exasperation !!

What did you watch on TV last night?

I don’t know why, I really don’t, but for some reason I thought I’d give that new American sci-fi drama Under The Dome a go.  I was asleep by the first ad break!

I should have known, given it was on Channel 5 ….


7 thoughts on “Talking About Myself

  1. So much fun to read this! I can be a very loud person too so I am sure it takes some time to get used to it. I mean, I know that it took a while until my husband got used to it, or at least almost got used to it.

  2. Finally I am working my way through my email list online, and loved reading this via my phone when it came in, It gave me a chuckle 🙂 And in no particular order:-

    Last thing I ate, Sunday Lunch, and I still have my own tonsils, I wear glasses as for any other items of clothing that not for telling LOL
    Last Movie I watched at the Cinema was The Lone Ranger …. and i enjoyed it despite what the critics said ..
    On TV last night, Lord of the RIngs..
    No I do not untie my shoes/ trainers are the only pair with laces, and curse when the knots do not untie when I want to put them on in a hurry! 😉
    Favourite Sport ‘Tennis’ and Horse Jumping!
    My handwritting, yes I like, its flowing and swirls and loops, the old fashioned style which I was taught at school…
    I hope I would be friends with me, but true friends are hard to come by..
    My favourite cereal, I really don’t have one, which ever box I fancy, I usually have 3 in stock, Porridge, Cornflakes and Wheetabix, but enjoy fruit with mine,,
    Who was I named after, I have no idea, A nurse I think, as my parents had not made up their minds even after 9 mths, They thought I was going to be a boy! ;-(

    Enjoyed my little visit Cherry…. 🙂 Enjoy Your Sunday xox

  3. Love it! Also, the knickers bit–I know i wear lovely undergarments, so in the off chance I face a medical emergency, the first responders will not think poorly of me. Brilliant minds, obviously.

  4. ha. i have watched under the dome since the beginning so i know the characters a bit more…it would be hard to catch up with i imagine…i had an older brother who died shortly after childbirth…i have his name…captain crunch w/ crunch berries has always been my fav cereal….

  5. Loved reading this. I still have Les miserables on my to see list. Porbably have to many other priorities at the moment.
    I am not used to cereal as in Holland we just eat a sandwhich with cheese in the morning
    I would be friends with me as I already quite like my own company lol 🙂
    I am not a sports person but if I have to choose it would be soccer.
    As randomly as I write these answers down as randomly I choose my underwear
    and I wear reading glasses, without I don’t see a bit

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