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Office Talk

A couple of weeks ago, a friend called and asked if I would help out in his office for a day or so as they were going through a bit of a “mad spell”.  I did, but it really wasn’t busy at all.  I spent a day and a half helping out with phone calls and some filing but there was no stress involved.  In fact, it was a very relaxed office.  He’s an easygoing boss and his team of four have a good time as they all get on well and know that they are on to a good thing.

It was all a bit quiet for me but it reminded me that what I miss so much about my old job, is the interaction with everyone.  There was always someone to have a laugh with and even in this little office, I found myself giggling away but mostly from watching and listening to the others.

For instance, the subject of jeans came up and how long it was OK to leave them between washes. One person said she washed everything after wearing it once, without exception, but the others said they let denim go a few wears before bunging it in the washing machine. However, the young office assistant said that she had bought a pair in March that she lives in when she’s not at work and they hadn’t had a first wash yet !!! She couldn’t understand why everyone was ughing and yeuching !!!

Then they moved on to how the supermarket checkout is fast becoming a place of huge stress as the whole packing thing is really difficult to do quickly and there was much discussion about whether they should make the cashier wait while they finish filling the bags even after the total to pay has been announced and the reward card has been asked for, or whether out of courtesy, they should deal with that first and then continue packing afterwards.. but then, of course, the next person’s stuff starts to join yours.  The conclusion seemed to be there was no right answer as whatever you do, someone will end up rolling their eyes and adding to the whole stress factor.  

It was then noted that one person (actually the girl who never washes her jeans) was wearing the same clothes as the day before and there was much cackling as the group cast guesses on why that should be the case.  She said that it wasn’t a problem as she always kept spare underwear, a toothbrush, toothpaste, perfume and make up in her desk which generated a whole new discussion about what everyone else kept in their drawers and I was really quite shocked.  All I’ll say is that young people clearly seem to be ready for any sexual opportunity whenever or wherever that might happen!  My drawers in my old job, just contained stationery, and files on past stories, and maybe the odd pack of tights…and go on then, biscuits.  But that’s really as naughty as it got! 

The same girl later asked, quite innocently, if her friends were right to make a fuss about the fact that she was taking a big suitcase that needed checking in and eight pairs of shoes …on a four day holiday ????  That really made me laugh – all the more because she couldn’t understand what was funny

And finally there was some considerable debate on why “Come Dine With Me” is such good viewing, so long after it started and with no change to the original format.

All in all, I had a good time.  Whatever job I end up getting, it will need to be with a good team that know how to laugh. 

Otherwise, how do you get through each day?


4 thoughts on “Office Talk

  1. That office sounds pretty fun and that girl sounds CRAZY. When I worked from home last year, I really did miss all the (crazy) people in the office, even the drama a teeny tiny bit

  2. Like Rooth, I worked from home, for the last few years, actually–and I really did the people. I did not miss the drama, however. Not one teeny tiny bit. Now I’m working in a basement, with about 40 women and two men (can you imagine? those poor, poor fellows) . . . it is definitely the laughter that gets me through!

  3. GASP! I missed them . . . I MISSED THEM, PEOPLE! I certainly did not do them . . . yikes.

    Apparently, I should not be commenting this early in the morning . . . 🙂

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