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Twittering Away

Can I just say..  I LOVE TWITTER !

It was a struggle to get me involved and I turned my nose up at it for a long time as I just couldn’t see the point.

A bit like Facebook and LinkedIn.  I’ve recently signed up to them too but not with any enthusiasm.  Facebook is a convenient place to put photos I fancy sharing, but it feels like such a waste of time scrolling through and reading what everyone has been up to.  I usually just read whatever is at the top of my timeline when I visit, which is pretty rare in itself..

As for LinkedIn, I keep thinking it will be a good way to find a job but I guess, I need to actually involve myself with it and put on an extensive CV….rather than just my name and nothing else!

But Twitter is different !

I noticed about eighteen months ago, that my colleagues were keeping in touch with breaking news by following Twitter and so when I expressed a vague interest in how it worked, one of them took me aside and showed me all its uses…..and I was hooked!

Initially, I just stalked a few people and companies and then I started putting out a few tweets about news stories I was working on and now I regularly treat the world to my personal insights and although I haven’t got a huge following, I feel like I’m part of a community.

At first, I was a bit disappointed that I enjoyed it so much, as I wanted to maintain my curmudgeonly attitude to it all. But it’s OK as I can still do that with Facebook !

The thing is, I totally get Twitter as a work aide but now I’m not working anymore, I obviously don’t use it for that and so I really don’t understand the pleasure I get in announcing that I’m about to watch #Jamie Oliver. Who cares?  Well, the replies I get back saying “me too” suggest some do !!

I’ve been trying to work out recently exactly what the appeal is, and for me anyway, I think it’s the following:

– it makes watching telly so much more fun as there is often someone talking about whatever it is I’m watching

– it has resulted in new real-life friendships

– it offers fascinating insights into people’s lives

– it often makes me laugh out loud, which can be embarrassing as I usually read it when I’m on a bus or a train

– the 140 characters limit forces writers to be concise with their points and not waffle on and on

– it has kept me in touch with major news (and gossip!) now that I’m not working anymore

– I can drop in any time, join a conversation and then just leave without saying goodbye, and no one thinks that’s rude (well, I hope they don’t!)

– I find myself chatting to people from different countries, of different ages and from a variety of backgrounds that I certainly wouldn’t meet naturally

Now, on the negative side, I also follow a few celebrities.  But I keep falling into the trap of thinking when they tweet, somehow they are interested in my response …amongst the thousands of others they get ! And then I feel stupid that I replied, and that everyone can see what I sent, even though I’m not doing it as a pathetic fan desperate for their attention but as someone they may remember who has perhaps interacted with them in the past ….even if only for a few minutes!!  I really must realise that they won’t and just stop doing that.

Of course, the blogging community has now opened up a whole new realm of people to follow so if you notice an unfamiliar reader responding to your tweets, it’s probably ME !!

Tweet-tweet !!


8 thoughts on “Twittering Away

  1. I’m also a new-born Tweeter. I see you’ve already got lots of followers. If you fancy following me I’m: @jules_young. Yes, Dumdad of the blogosphere has a real name! Home tweet home.

  2. No Tweets I am afraid, I have all on with Word Press, ;-), But my daughter tweets And I do have a LinkedIn account, I set this up when I was looking for work, being an accredited NVQ assessor as well as other things seems to be the only responses I get from way over everywhere! LOL,,, and I am well settled now…
    FB I have never joined and I am thankful for that!….
    But its good that you enjoy tweeting…. Community and communication are important and interacting with others with similar interests connects us..
    I love my WP community of friends and interaction.. So keep on Twittering away! 🙂

  3. I have never tweeted and wouldn’t know how. I’ll have to look up how to do it. It is fun to meet people from all over the world, which I do through Blogger.

  4. I tried twitter but didn’t work for me. I’ve got a facebook but never use it. Only to catch my daughter and chat to her 🙂
    I blog for 5 years now and although I am not so fanatic anymore Thanks to it I learned to love and write poetry and learned to love making photos
    Blogging also allowed me to meet amazing people and I found them a very friendly bunch

  5. I’m new to Twitter as well. I’m still getting my sea legs. And I know what you mean about the celebrities. I was going to RT Tom Hiddleston . . . simply because he tweeted a song, but I’m so out of the loop, I actually thought his account had been hacked because it made no sense to me. But I couldn’t even bring myself to do that. 🙂

  6. i am on again off again with twitter….i killed the facebook a few years ago but held onto twitter…it def gives on the spot info and its easy to find what you are looking for…there is still a weird voyeur thing going on…but not nearly as bad as facebook….

  7. I love Twitter because it helps me interact with my blog readers, get info about sales from my favorite stores and keeps me up to date on news. It’s kind of awesome!

    P.S. I’m giving away EIGHT sponsors spots today and I would love for you to come enter!

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