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A Day In The Life

I never tire of reading those pages in the Weekend supplements that follow a typical day in the life of some gorgeous celebrity.  They clearly all follow the same pattern of questions – when and how do you wake up, what do you usually do in the morning, how do you spend a typical evening, do you sleep well, blah, blah.  

So, I thought I’d write my own day in the life, though there isn’t that much to say now I’m not working anymore and no longer being sent off on wildly exciting  news stories.  But here goes…

As soon as my radio alarm goes off, I wake up quickly to turn it off. It used to take three hits of the snooze button when the radio was set to the mellifluous tones of James Naughtie or John Humphrys on the Today programme but somehow, the dial has found its way to some ghastly local radio station with a presenter who has the most awful voice and talks utter tripe and so I’m up as soon as possible to turn off his dreadful diatribe.  I could change it back but I secretly like that I have found something that wakes me up properly !!

I usually then elbow my husband to get up and make the coffee and he stumbles off half-asleep to sort that out.  I would do it but he’s much better at brewing a proper cup of coffee than me! By the time he’s back, I’ve got the laptop and the TV on so that I can catch up with emails, Twitter and BBC Breakfast, and so have some idea of what’s happening in the world.

When I was working, I would then rush around getting ready, and there would usually be some shouting involved as my son took his own sweet time to get out of bed and the husband would usually choose to enter the shower just as I wanted to.  But now it’s all much calmer.  I pad down to the kitchen and make lunch for the boy and once he is out of the house and on his way, I ……go back to bed.  Such a luxury!

I haven’t started looking for work yet so the morning is usually spent finding out as much as I can about Macbeth, Frankenstein, The Bloody Chamber (ugh!) and US Government and Politics, in a bid to help my son with his revision when he gets home.  He is far more interested in focusing on his Drama and Music (or playing football) than doing any work towards his other A-levels.  His sister, on the other hand, needs a daily call from me to calm her down as she panics that she is not getting enough work done for her Finals, even though she’ll have been up half the night studying like a crazed demon.  I haven’t got a clue how both my children have turned out so differently.

No two days are the same at the moment.  I have been:

– catching up with long lost friends for coffees and/or leisurely lunches

– doing various courses that the BBC provides for its leavers

– spending lots of time at the Actors’ Centre, where classes there have inspired me to get on with performing and/or writing

– organising years of paperwork that I have let pile up, into pretty files and folders

– clearing out cupboards/drawers/garage/shed and finding long lost treasures

– doing household chores properly….Now, instead of racing around throwing clothes in the washing machine or running a quick iron over them as they are required, there is  finally order

– finally getting round to trying all those new recipes that I’ve amassed over the years.  (Unfortunately though, my cooking will never be as good as my mother’s …as she keeps reminding me!)

The evenings for me are usually spent explaining what I’ve learnt to the boy, while he gazes longingly out of the window.  Then, as he supposedly gets on with his revision, I’ll flop down in front of the TV with my husband. Often, he has to wake me up as I’ll have fallen asleep on his shoulder, dribbling usually! Then, it’s up to bed where I’ll try to read for a bit but usually don’t make it through more than a couple of chapters before I’m asleep again.

My husband likes to sleep with his arms around me and that’s a nice way for me to drift off away from the world into the black comfort of sleep.  I usually sleep very well, very deeply. Sometimes though, I talk in my sleep and have often woken up to find him asking me questions! He gets another elbow in the ribs then, but going back to sleep takes a while, as I wonder what could have possibly been so interesting ……!


12 thoughts on “A Day In The Life

  1. Sounds like rather a delicious day. One of life’s great luxuries is waking up naturally without an alarm clock and having the time to indulge yourself in doing things which you enjoy.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Gaining time makes one more in touch with the present moment. Nowadays, I often can’t believe how we managed to do all the chores with a full time job before. Now that life has slowed down, we get to appreciate the small things that we tend to overlook when we were so busy with so many activities focused on getting them all done. I remember being surprised when my mobile phone stopped ringing and I eventually threw it in the closet. 🙂

  3. I wish your life was mine, it sounds absolutely fantastic! My husband HATES that I have to press the snooze alarm several times each morning, but it’s a habit I just can’t break. 🙂

  4. Life is good and having time back to myself is a real luxury. But, there’s a niggling, nagging thought at the back of my mind reminding me that I will need to get back in the workplace…..and soon!

  5. Thanks for sharing this! So interesting to read! I have so many recipes piled up that I want to try. I should really start doing that, at least at the weekends.

  6. I think I should limit my trying out of recipes to just weekends. It’s a very hit or miss thing and there was one week where everything I tried turned out to be quite awful….the family weren’t impressed !!!

  7. Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog in Paris. I’ve enjoyed reading various posts on yours and will now put you on my bloglist. I’m also without job at the moment after a lifetime in journalism including 13 years at the Daily Telegraph in London and 10 at the International Herald Tribune in Paris. Where does the time go?! Good luck with your new blog and life.

  8. Too bad you have to go back to work soon. Life sounds wonderful right now. I have two daughters who are complete opposites. I’m glad they love each other! There is a lot of forgiving going on. I’ve read about the theory the eldest is like the father and the second is like the mother. It isn’t scientific, but when I look at my extended family it rings true.

  9. I think a day in your life sounds very pleasant. I should try to do this as well. Do you remember years ago when the Sunday Times used to do ‘A Life in the Day Of’ assorted notables. We stole the idea at my newspaper so I’ve written lots for others but have never done one myself.

  10. Eldest like the father and second like the mother? That’s certainly the case in our family. My first is kind, gentle and clever like her dad and the second….well let’s just say he’s fiery. stubborn and never going to be an academic !!
    I feel privileged to have “proper” writers like Dumdad and MrWriteOn reading this blog….better start writing something sensible !

  11. ” No two days are the same” you said.. and no they shouldn’t be… Enjoy every single moment .. and savour the freedom from work for a while… When I get my days off work like today after working a long weekend, I savour the moments..
    Today I baked bread and made it into 11 cobs, hummm didnt quite have enough dough for 12, some were a little bigger than others LOL… Now I am savouring the moment here catching up with blogs before I type up my handwritten post I did a few days ago..

    Breathe in that wonderful feeling…. and enjoy…… I am smiling here as for one so busy all the time I know how hard it can be to settle into a Relax mode.I used to be terrible in my industry job days.. I thought I was still on a production line! with getting my chores done at home.. Now well, I know they will be waiting, so do them when I feel inclined, and as my Hubby retired last year, He helps alot around the home… So on my free days we just take off into the garden or drive out… Freedom is being able to have a choice…
    Enjoy your Day …
    Love Sue

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