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Gorgeous Gifts

Even though my last working day was on the 15th March, my employment at the BBC formally ended on Friday.  That means the strings have been cut and I am now out there alone!

I felt surprisingly sad on Friday but I couldn’t stop smiling every time I looked at my gorgeous leaving gifts.  So, I thought I’d put them here so that everyone can see what amazingly generous colleagues I have….and understand just why I am missing them so much

ImageThis is SO gorgeous….and that’s just the hatbox packaging!! Inside a complete little tea-set with the prettiest pattern ever. I love it, and can’t stop looking at it.

ImageA Cross pen!!  I have never had one before. That will be coming out with me on all special occasions to show people just how classy I am !!

ImageI’ve wanted one of these for ages and have been meaning to get one so it is the perfect gift. And it will be in this very book, that I write down and develop all my ideas for my sit-com.


And with that in mind, this….from my lovely, glamorous friend Sarah Deech who mixes in the BEST comedy circles – a perfect gift! I will be using this (together with my notebook and pen) to write my sit-com. WATCH THIS SPACE !


I screamed when I opened this from my darling friend Stephen James Yeoman.  It is the most beautiful Waterford crystal rose bowl and as a crystal freak, I absolutely ADORE it. Such a beautiful, generous gift


And finally, this……It is SO special. My BBC book.  I LOVE it so much. It’s full of the most touching, kind comments – surprisingly none of them rude – from my gorgeous colleagues. I cried when I first read it, and I’m beginning to wonder if there will ever be a day when I don’t look at it.

Gorgeous gifts from truly gorgeous people


6 thoughts on “Gorgeous Gifts

  1. oh you are very spoiled indeed. All wonderful presents. I especially like the beautiful teacups. You’ve worked there for 30 years? wow that’s an amizingly long time. It must have been good there

  2. Some seriously lovely gifts there. I had a lovely leaving gift of a Cross pen too, and I still keep losing the biros (I think the Cross is safe at the back of a drawer somewhere). Scrolling down to find out more about your leaving and plans.

  3. The Cross pen writes so beautifully – I love it. Putting it “safe” somewhere is very tempting but I want to be seen with it. I just don’t have anywhere to be seen…..yet !!

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