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Boobed Already

So after all my grand plans of writing regularly on my blog, it’s taken me nearly two weeks to return to it.  I suspect now, that my posts may be quite sporadic…

However, since leaving the Beeb on the 15th March, I don’t really know where the time has gone.

Most of it has been spent in bed as I have had a chest infection now for two weeks.  I seem to get them all the time now and they will literally be the death of me.  My darling dad died of asthma and bronchitis, and I’m pretty certain I’ll go the same way!!  As I get fatter and lazier, I know it’s getting worse.  I have a bad chest

Not to look at, mind.  I’m probably best known for two things – my laugh and my ….boobs !!   They seem to be appreciated by the opposite sex (even my gay friends) and actually by some of my own fair sex who think I “wear them well” !!

Considering my age, I suppose they look OK in my specially fitted, almost armoured scaffolding which pass as bras, but they are not so great hanging loose.  I’ll never forget a classic description in “Desperate Housewives” a few years ago, when Lynn said once you’ve had kids, they look more like a couple of balloons that you find behind the sofa a few days after the party!!!

When I was at school, I had nothing. Zilch. Flat as a pancake. In the sixth form, I was actually known as “Flatty” which distressed me no end. They finally arrived in my early twenties and I think I had the perfect figure then for a while.

They are much bigger now than when I first got married, probably because I had our second child so soon after the first. I was still breast-feeding when I got pregnant again so they never had a chance to go down. They have got bigger whenever I have put on weight and refused to go down when I’ve lost a few pounds.

When my son was about two, I decided I really ought to get properly fitted for a bra and I found out that instead of being the average 34C, I was in fact….well, no need to reveal that sort of thing!!!  But I bought a few bras in my new correct LARGE size and when I got them home, the boy pulled one out of the bag and placed it on his head…and it fitted, like a little lace hat! Each of my boobs were/are the size of a toddler’s head! How horrific is that!!

See now, this post wasn’t meant to be about bosoms! But once I started writing, that’s what came out. I think I can see now how this blog is going to turn out……


6 thoughts on “Boobed Already

  1. thank you so much for visiting my blog! 🙂
    i really hope you will feel better soon! it is so annoying to be sick!
    and talking about boobs, i am totally flat, mine are basically non-existent. 🙂 but i still like them.

  2. Ugh, asthma sucks. I was pretty pleased when mine turned out to not be asthma, although it still sucked. I was really struggling with it for over two years, and I know how it wears on a person.

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